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A useful and inspiring guide incorporating conceptual theory and practical guidance with real-life stories to help develop daily spiritual awareness, and in so doing transforms an ordinary life into an extraordinary life.

Learning and using my intuition has been a life journey. As a scientist I have been  introverted by nature and reluctant to share my beliefs and accumulated knowledge in this area.

Being surrounded by a focused scientific view point I tended to go inwards. At times when I felt disconnected from my environment I used to make the analogy that I was like a pacifist working for the military. This was based on my preference for preventative medicine rather allopathic medicine used when health is at a critical stage. Do not misunderstand, I was very appreciative of the benefits of the drugs that I contributed to developing and that I knew helped people. One cheery retired school teacher told me he would not have his eye sight otherwise.  However, it was not a path that I wanted to continue on for myself.

Studying Feng Shui and consulting for individuals, businesses, and public buildings helped me to make the transition from introverted scientist to a people-oriented consultant and speaker.

With this book I am going one step further in sharing my experience and knowledge with those around me.   The book gives personal examples of experiences from my learning and enlightening process as well as the experience of others.

Spiritual Reality gives you positive food for thought and in so doing helps your life to shine thus lightening the lives of those around you, as well as the earth which feeds us all. Awaken to a life of integration, of heaven with earth, of spirit with matter. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying the process.

I have made this journey alone and now invite you to join me. I welcome comments on my book and on the topics there-in. I will also post relevant questions and answers on my blog so keep tuned.



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Spiritual Reality

Spiritual Reality